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Booking Cares Fund


I have never worked with a more "caring" donor. I was surprised and delighted to see the high level of engagement in assuring the success of my project and THE willingness to contribute not only Funds, but time, energy, expertise, attention and even a mentor! You have gone above and beyond, and I feel honored to have been chosen by Booking Cares.

Roderic Mast
Oceanic Society
Booking Cares Fund 2018




We are looking teams that are developing solution-based projects that transform the travel industry and problem solvers that are capable of engineering their visions into reality. Are you developing ideas that can scale to different locations or projects that reach across different regions? We look at scalability as one of the key factors in determining a project’s potential to shape how local, regional and global players approach sustainable travel, both through implementation and knowledge sharing. For more info please check out our T&Cs.


Each application is reviewed against our selection criteria* and the most promising projects will be shortlisted. Once shortlisted, applicants are invited to fill out a more detailed application form following by a phone interview if their detailed application impresses the team. Based on the phone interview and written application, applicants are selected for the programme in Amsterdam.

*Criteria are Impact, Innovation, Project Plan, Scalability, and Team & Leadership. For more info, check our T&Cs.


10-15 Project Teams will come together in Amsterdam to take part in the Cares Fund programme, featuring workshops and trainings, as well as one-on-one mentoring and expert sessions from the best experts from Booking.com, tailored to their specific project needs. As part of the programme, they will be surrounded by an inspiring group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Located right in the heart of Amsterdam at Booking.com’s headquarters, they will be able to soak up our unique company culture and join a community of changemakers representing the full spectrum of the travel industry.


While In Amsterdam, all project teams will have a chance to meet with Judges face to face and present their project in full - both in written format as well as verbally. With the learnings from the programme fueling their final proposal, they’ll be challenged to convince the judges of how their project plan will be implemented with the assistance of a grant, as well as the tremendous impact they’ll be able to have on the travel industry as a result.


With or without funding, all project teams and their organisation will continue to benefit from up to a year of ongoing mentorship from their dedicated Booking.com mentor, as well as access to our Booking.com Volunteer Programme to assist them as they continue to grow their impact.




We support ambitious projects and teams who share our belief that technology and innovation can accelerate positive change within the travel industry at large.  

Through our Booking Cares Fund, we identify and support projects that help relieve pressure on overcrowded tourist areas, businesses that positively impact the environment and social ventures that are supporting local communities in the tourism industry. To apply, the organisation must be a registered non-profit legal entity or social enterprise that is duly established under the laws of the country where it operates that applies for the selection process. In these Terms & Conditions, the word Applicants also refers to the Grantees. For more information on eligibility requirements, please read our T&Cs.